American Music Awards May Take 2023 Off as Billboard Music Awards Move In on Date

American Music Awards May Take 2023 Off as Billboard Music Awards Move In on Date

The American Music Awards (AMAs) may not take place in 2023 due to scheduling conflicts with the Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs). The AMAs have been a staple in the music industry since 1973, honoring artists across various genres and categories.

The BBMAs, which have been held since 1990, have recently announced that their 2023 ceremony will take place on the same date as the AMAs. This has caused speculation that the AMAs may not occur that year.

The AMAs have not yet made an official announcement regarding the 2023 ceremony. However, many fans and industry professionals are disappointed by the possibility of a hiatus for the long-standing award show.

The AMAs have been known for their memorable performances and iconic moments in music history. From Michael Jackson’s unforgettable performance in 1984 to Taylor Swift’s record-breaking wins in recent years, the AMAs have been a platform for many artists to showcase their talents and be recognized for their achievements.

If the AMAs do take a year off, it may create a gap in the music industry’s awards season, which typically includes the Grammys, the Billboard Music Awards, and the AMAs. However, the BBMAs have been gaining popularity in recent years, and their decision to schedule their 2023 ceremony on the same date as the AMAs may indicate a shift in the industry’s focus.

The BBMAs have a unique system for awarding artists based on chart performance and fan engagement, which sets them apart from other music award shows. Their approach has been well-received by both fans and artists, and it may have contributed to their growing popularity.

It remains to be seen whether the AMAs will take a year off or if they will find a way to work around the scheduling conflict with the BBMAs. Regardless of the outcome, the music industry will continue to recognize and celebrate the achievements of its talented artists.

Following news announcing that the Billboard Music Awards would move the date to Nov. 19, 2023, typically a Sunday held for the AMAs, it would seem to leave parent company Dick Clark Productions no choice but to bump the AMAs to 2024, when it can take the May slot previously held by Billboard.

Multiple sources say that neither has secured a broadcast partner and producer Dick Clark Productions, which is owned by Penske Media Corp. (parent company of Variety and Billboard) had to make the decision of which show to throw its weight behind. Since PMC owns the publication Billboard, insiders suggest that the thinking was to promote its own brand. Chatter among music industry professionals is that the AMAs, which launched in 1973, was becoming stale.

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